Young Chop has been quietly putting in work this year. The Chicago native produced Puff Daddy's first single off of his upcoming album, MMM, "I Want The Love" and several records off 2014 XXL Freshman Lil Durk's latest project, Signed 2 The Streets 2. Chop even picked up the mic and released a song that featured him rapping, titled "All I Got."

These days, Chop is trying to branch out and be seen as more than just a drill producer. Chop's productions have grown since he crafted Chief Keef's two breakout 2012 hits, "Love Sosa" and "Don't Like." With the guidance of No I.D., Kanye West and Diddy, Young Chop is ready to show his maturation as a producer. Now with his own production team, Chop has been working on some of the most anticipated projects of the year—Kanye West's upcoming seventh solo album and Meek Mill's sophomore effort Dreams Worth More Than MoneyXXL spoke with Young Chop about his many projects in the works, the impact of Mike WiLL Made It and DJ Mustard and the drama that's been brewing between Chief Keef and Lil Durk. Chop Squad. —Emmanuel C.M.


XXL: What are you working on?
Young Chop: I’m working on my artist's project, Johnny May Cash. He’s out here in Chicago; he’s actually my blood brother. Just working on his career.

When you say my artist, on what label do you own?
Chop Squad Inc.

What else you working on?
Diddy's album, Meek Mill's [album]. I’m just working on a lot of stuff.

Tell me about Diddy's album.
I got a couple of tracks on there, about three. It’s going to be big. Like, different stuff people don’t expect from me.

How so?
It’s different—wait 'til you hear it. It’s not so-called "trap" music. It’s different shit.

Why the change now?
It ain’t no change, I’m just branching off and just doing different shit. Just grow the brand more.


How did you link up with Diddy?
About two years ago when I did the French Montana's “Ocho Cinco” beat. But I had linked up with him a minute ago. But when I did the “Ocho Cinco” for French, that’s when we got tight.

Did he come to you and say, "I want you to work on my album"?
Most definitely. We were doing the same show in St. Louis. This was like a couple of weeks ago. I walked up to him and said what’s up, and he was like, "I’m working on my album, come with me." Literally like two hours later I was on a private jet with him going to Miami to work on his album. I didn’t have no clothes, no nothing; I was just out there. I had to buy all new clothes and everything.

What’s the vibe with the records that you have with Diddy?
I can’t give out that information. You almost got me—I was about to say it, too. [Laughs]

Tell me about Meek's album.
Meek's shit dope. He was playing me a couple of records off it when we was in L.A. a couple weekends ago for the BET Awards. That shit was dope. I think I got one or two [records] on there, I’m not sure. They didn’t hit me back yet. But I know for sure I’m going to be on there.

Meek seems like he’s on fire.
Bro ain’t playing. He just goes back to back on shit. Knocking them out. All freestyle, he don’t write anything down.



What else you working on?
I’m working on some new shit, I got my whole production team. I can’t play the piano. That's what the fuck I was missing, like a keyboard player and all that shit. Musical shit. I always been a musical nigga, but I felt like I don’t want to work with niggas because niggas too fucking egotistical on some, "I did all this shit, I did that." Hust running their mouth. I’m on some whole bigger shit.

Who’s on your production team?
I got a cat out of St Louis name B.J., Chop Squad B.J. I got Tre Beatz. I got songwriters and everything. I found one songwriter, she dope as fuck, her name Sydney Renee. I got Johny May Cash, he’s one of the writers, too. He did the French Montana, “Paranoid” track. He just did the Durk new single “I Go.” I’m finna just flood shit. I’m going to flood the whole 'net.

You planning on dropping a tape?
Yeah, I’m going to drop a whole Chop Squad tape. I got other artists that I’m trying to bring into the limelight too. I just dropped a song rapping and it got a crazy ass response. DJ Victorious was just like, "You need to try rappin'. Just try it.” When I dropped it, he was like, this shit go crazy. We recorded the video and I was afraid to put the video out, but then somebody leaked it. But everywhere I’ve been going lately was playing it. I went to a restaurant and it was a gang of people listening to it. It’s called "All I Got." Keef called me and said, “Yo, this shit is crazy. Let me get on there." It was weird; I’m not no rapper. [Laughs]

Is this like a one-time thing?
I don’t know, we’ll see. I’ve been on a couple songs but niggas didn’t pay attention to it. But once I dropped my shit, people were surprised. You never know, you might get a whole tape out of me. I’m like a slick comedian; you just will never know what I might do.

You have a rapper name or is it still Young Chop?
Yeah I got a rapper name, it's called King Chop. It’s my alter ego.


What is your opinion on DJ Mustard and Mike WiLL Made It coming to the forefront and becoming artists themselves, rather than just producers?
Them two are my best friends; they are my homies. They killing shit, period. They are taking over the radio. I’m taking over the streets. The streets love me. I'ma be up there, I'ma go run with the industry shit too. I could have been did that shit, too, but I was around the shit too much. I could have been like them, but I choose not to, because sometimes it's too much. Literally, that shit is too much. I know they stressed out because it’s too much.

What’s good with Chief Keef?
He in L.A. man, he cooling, he working. That’s my bro for life.

When is Bang 3 or Bang 4 coming?
Bro, I don’t know what he’s working on. He’s been trying to put out Bang 3 for a minute. I think Interscope is stopping it.

You working on Bang 3?
We shall see. You already know he’s my brother. I got to. That’s not a yes or no, it’s just I got to.

You working with anyone else on 300?
Yeah, actually—SD coming out with an album. Working on Lil Reese's new shit. We already put out Durk's shit, his album coming out soon.


What did you think abuot Chief Keef retweeting Game's diss verse aimed at Durk?
On some real shit, I can’t even tell you. Like, I don’t even be paying that shit any attention, because once I see it I’m going to call them directly. I did call him after that like, "Why the fuck are you tweaking?” You feel me? That was somewhat disrespectful. I don’t care what you and Durk got going on, because it's kind of friction with them two. I don’t know what the fuck it is. Everybody don’t know what the fuck it is but them two.

It seems a little weird.
Niggas really grew up with each other. Everybody in 300, we family in real life and I’m just not getting it. But it ain’t going to come to a point where niggas get beat up. It will never come to that point.

Did Keef tell you why he retweeted it when y'all talked?
Naw, he never said nothing. I still don’t know to this day why he retweeted that. But the Game and Durk thing is squashed and let God be with them. Shit, we moving on. I’m not trying be in no bullshit. We getting money. Why we got to bring that into the industry? It's bullshit. Bad enough we losing family members out here in the real; we living in the real.

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