Waka Flocka Flame tours non-stop all year long, brings an insane level of raw energy and can't stop turning up. But Waka's musical progression has often been overlooked. Last year, he announced his vision of an EDM/hip-hop fusion album featuring big names such as Flosstradamus, Diplo, Skrillex and Steve Aoki. It would seem like a match made in heaven, as fans heard records like "Rage The Night Away" and "Techno." The energy of Waka blended perfectly with the EDM DJs he linked up with. However, Waka did not forget what made him who he is today. Fans have been patiently waiting for Flockaveli 2 since mid-2013, when he first put fans on alert that it was in the pipeline.

Now in 2014, Waka is ready to bless the world with both projects. XXL spoke to Waka in NYC about Flockaveli 2, his EDM album Turn Up God and what he's been doing behind the scenes. —Emmanuel C.M.


XXL: So tell me, what are you working on?
Waka Flocka Flame: 
Shit, fucking knocking out this thing Flockaveli 2 and getting ready for this second single. I want to roll with a Rico Love record. I think the ladies need something to jam to for this summer. I've been killing freestyles, murdering niggas' freestyles.

I just saw that freestyle that you dropped over Snootie Wild's "Yayo."
I'm bodying freestyles, fucking EDM up and I’m still finishing up my Turn Up God album. I've just been working man, touring, building my label, signed Joey Fatts, I've got Chaz Gotti from Atlanta. We just are moving around.

Tell me about Flockaveli 2. What can the fans expect?
Flockaveli 2, I'm just going to be turning up man, that's shit's fire. I've got some shit for Flockaveli 2. One of my favorite records on that shit is “How You Feel.” Oh my God. That’s my Shit. That's my shit. I've got Ty Dolla $ign on this, it's crazy. It's called “Your Boy.” It's crazy, I got mad shit man. It's been done but I keep making records. The more we sit, the more good records and shit we'll be pilling up. We got to put this shit together.

Who's working on it?
It's basically me. I [don't need] too many features. I don't really need any help, I'm good.

What about production-wise?
I've got 808 Mafia, Lex Luger got a beat, My boy Jojo [Ryder] from Europe got a beat Mike WiLL Made It got a beat. Black Metaphor, he's the shit. This shit we're doing, this is amazing right here. I can't wait to perform this shit, I'll be dying before my new shit.

Your shows are always crazy. How do you maintain that energy?
I'm always fucked up before going on stage. You see as soon as the lights come on, it's going down. I just drink fucking 10 cups of liquor and your boy is going live.


Tell me about the EDM joint.
That shit's fire. Turn Up God, fire, man. It's just me having fun. I really get to do me. That shit's crazy.

Who are you working with?
Diplo, Steve Aoki, The Zombie Kids, Borgore, DJ Carnage and I just did this remix of Dillon Francis' new record, that shit's about to be mayhem. I've got DJ Mayhem. Fuck, we're going to get everybody, you know what I mean? I fucked with EDM through Europe though, not through America. So I went through EDM in Europe and I came to America and everybody is like, you got to come over here with it now.

Where did you first hear it?
First time I heard it I was in fucking... I think I was in London or Paris. You know when you go into a club and you hear that techno shit. Then one day I heard it the "Brick Squad Anthem." I’m like, "Oh, shit." The club was rocking, nigga, and I’m like, "What the fuck? Why the hell I don't know about this?" And one of my boys was like, "It's the new shit, they love you." And I was like, fuck it, and I was in Europe doing hip-hop at night, and I'd go fuck with that [after]. So I got like two, three months of training on it. This is a market too.

Who was the first person you linked up with after you found it?
Mayhem and Borgore. We came up on this record called “Wild Out.” That's what broke the ice.

When are you dropping these projects?
All this year. Turn Up God will drop in Fall.

And then Flockaveli 2?

What have you learned from Steve Aoki and Diplo and all them?
They are so free-spirited, they don’t got to give a fuck about an opinion. And that right there, I learned a lot by [them] just being real people like that. They really don't give a fuck about your opinion.



Waka Flocka attends Warner Music Group Summer Party in association with Esquire at Shoreditch House in London

You are very public with how much you love your wife.
Niggas don’t be accepting their wives. Why are the fuck did you get married then? I'm not hiding that; I’m not going to be a thot all my life. I can't follow these guys forever, I have to get married. Hip-hop is just groupies, bottles, jewelry, cars, hoes, weed smoking. Not your boy; married, family, businesses, tech programs, hiking, sky diving, rafting, shark diving, being in the hood. That's what I'm doing.

So married life is good.
I love it. I’ve been with my girl for years, it's no different. It just lets the woman know that she’s there to stay; it's for the woman's sake. Getting married and relationships are the same thing. I take it very serious though. I didn’t date till I was 18. I told women, if I can't provide for you, then how am I your man? That shit is serious to me.

When did you first meet?
Like three and a half, four years ago. That's a long time for me. Anybody [who] can deal with me for over a year, it's on. I never dealt with a woman over a year in half of my life but her.

Who approached you to be on the show?
VH1 approached us, but she wasn’t with it. I thought about it and I was like, fuck that, man, it's better for my wife to do this. She's doing the clothing and she's classy. Plus, African-American women we see on TV are always whores and strippers. So I'm like, fuck that, I got to get the public a better view, because there's really some civilized people out here. Black people on TV are always being boxed, just some negative shit. It’s time to put some positive shit on TV.

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