Mac Miller's new dog Ralph has been kidnapped. On June 28, Miller Instagrammed a flyer saying that Ralph was missing; then on the Fourth of July, Miller tweeted the news, typing, "ralphie got kidnapped. lady who has my son, i will find u," and he confirmed that Ralph is still missing this past weekend at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.

Miller got Ralph late last year; XXL spoke to him in December, and he told us that he'd be taking some time off to raise his dogs, but that he also had four projects in the works (one of which, his mixtape Faces, dropped on Mother's Day). After Faces came out, he let us in on the lessons he's learned from his terrier poodle pup. "Dogs teach you a lot, man," he said in May. "He's just a really awesome dude, and now that we have a space—because I've moved out to my house, so there's some grass to run on—it gives you perspective at the end of the day, just like, man, dogs need to be dogs, bro."

Having your dog kidnapped really, really sucks. If anyone knows anything about it, hit us up on Twitter and we will do our best to help.

Who steals a dog anyway?

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