Chevy Woods

After spending years learning the ways of the music industry alongside his Taylor Gang chief Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods is now ready to build his own stardom. Amped with his signature street sound and Wiz and Juicy J on his squad, Chevy is now setting his sights on becoming more than just TG's touring sidekick, and will soon release a load of material to back it up. XXL caught up with the Taylor Gang MC to discuss his upcoming tour with Kevin Gates, his new single "30 Deep," and his upcoming EP. —Miranda Johnson

Chevy Woods

XXL: It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you. What are you working on? 
Chevy Woods: I just dropped a single “30 Deep.” It’s the first single that I’m actually putting something out for sale. I’ve been working for a long time and just kind of giving people free music. And I feel like the sound of “30 Deep” and the things that I want to do now to make my career bigger is make the sound bigger, also. So I’m working on “30 Deep” and I’m working on an EP which is probably gonna come out somewhere in the end of August, September-ish. Touring with Kevin Gates' By Any Means tour. Just trying to touch people and get them to listen to the record.

How would you describe your sound?
I think my sound is a street sound, but it’s more like, I’ve seen a few things being with Wiz and moving for years that it’s a lot more to talk about than just the streets in Pittsburgh. I’ve done seen the streets everywhere and the suburbs everywhere. So it’s just like a real edgy sound. I want people to get my life now because I held back the story for so long just waiting on this moment, so now I’m just giving them my story and where I come from.

Why would you say you’ve waited?
Just trying to record as much as I can. I put out Gangland 2 not too long ago and I didn’t want to keep going with that series. I wanted to jump and do something different. Then when the time is right, I would do it. And with “30 Deep” I feel like the time is right for us to go into an EP and work into creating an album and getting me set up to create an album.

Is there a title for the EP?
Not yet. I’m bad with that. I’ve been getting asked for it for so long and I’m just trying to let it come to me instead of trying to find it.

Chevy Woods

Coming from Pittsburgh, did you and Wiz Khalifa know each other?
No, we met each other at a studio. He was just 16. We were sitting in opposite studio rooms and there was this vending machine in the lobby. And he was going to the vending machine and I was going at the same time, and he was just like, "I like what you’re doing, let’s make music together." And we recorded that day, this song called “Me,” and from that day we just been cool ever since.

What's Taylor Gang got coming up?
We’re working on a lot of things. Everybody has their own things going on. That’s the reason for the compilation not coming out, 'cause everybody is doing different things. But I feel like everybody is at the point in their lives where I feel that things are running a bit smoother now for us to sit back and come up with a plan with the compilation. That should be soon also.

You’ve mentioned touring and I’ve seen you’ve done quite a few tours. What are some of your craziest tour stories? 
I mean, three of them had to do with Wiz throwing up, Wiz throwing up again, and maybe Wiz throwing up again. That’s three of them. We got stopped in North Carolina and we all went to jail, which was crazy. It wasn’t even enough stuff to give each of us the charge that they gave us but we were on campus and we were in a bus. They say when you’re on a bus, it’s a dwelling, like a house. So we went to jail then. And our bus driver hit a turkey on our way to Denver. Then we woke up in the morning and it was still on the windshield. But when it happened, he came back to the back of the bus and was like, "Hey boys, we’re pulling over. I just hit a turkey." We were like, "Yo, did you hear his voice?" We didn’t care that it happened, we were just laughing. Yeah, we be having fun.

I figured—Ty Dolla $ign was talking recently about crazy tour stories.
Yeah I’m a little more subtle than Ty is—Ty is a wild guy, in a good way though. And you know, my music is not [geared] to the ladies. So you’re not gonna have guys backstage that you can get good tour stories from. It’s the girls backstage that you’re gonna get tour stories from. To the ladies, here and there but to the guys, I try to give off a story setting of this is where I come from, this is what I do and this is where I’m trying to go. It’s cool, though. All of us do our own thing, in our own lane. But when it comes to making music, we all fit together.

Chevy Woods

What are you trying to get across with your new record? 
It’s more of a song for a group of people, not just one person. That’s why we named it “30 Deep.” We move 30 deep to the places we go. To the venues, shows overseas, to interviews, it’s about 30 of us. So it made sense when we created the title. But I just want people to hear the music, 'cause I literally spent numerous hours trying to go back and forth to make the words correct and the sounds that I wanted to set. It’s just all new things that I’m trying to do for my new career and my new project.

How did you link up with Kevin Gates? 
That’s a good question. I have some friends and he has some friends and they have done business before. So I didn’t want to just go out on a regular tour like I’ve been doing. I wanted it to be me and an artist, so the fan can just focus on me and an artist and not four other acts before we go on. It’s intimate. And the build up... Me and him, I think we relate to each other through music and hustle conversations. He’s a good dude and I’m happy to go on tour with him. I’m ready.

What did you think of Wiz Khalifa’s jail selfie?
I think it was great . It came right in time for 28 Grams. He didn’t even set it up to do that. Like, the day before he dropped a mixtape, he goes to jail for weed, And he has his phone in his pocket and he takes a selfie. It was huge, I think it made the tape do a lot more numbers.

When you’ve been in jail, have they ever left you with something they weren’t supposed to? 
Yeah but it was with a phone. I had my back turned texting my mom like, "We're in jail." They took it after a while, but they let me have my phone for a little bit. Wiz was like, "Can you text my mom and tell her." I’m like, "I don’t know the number." He was like, "I can’t remember either right now."

Have you and Wiz learned from each other?
Yeah, I taught him the street side of things. Not too much of do this and do that. I told him what type of people to watch for and I think that he brought that over into the music business. He knows people to be like, this person is this way and that person is this way, so we don’t have to hang around them if they’re that way. And he taught me to keep pushing and keep working. He told me that from the jump. If you quit that street stuff and you do this, you’ll never be broke if you work. And I was like, well, so many thing can happen in the streets, so I’m just gonna go over here and do this. Work so I’m not gonna be broke. Cold turkey, I cut that out.

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