Summer Jam 2014 main stage performer Trey Songz is set to release his newest album, Trigga, on July 1. Now the tracklist gives us a look at the guest stars on board for the project. Justin Bieber, XXL Freshman Ty Dolla Sign, Juicy J and Mila J all contribute to 13 tracks on the the singer's sixth studio album. The album, which has four extra tracks on the deluxe version, already has a hit with Trey's lead single "Na, Na, Na." Trigga is set to release on July 1.

1. Cake
2. Foreign
3. Nana
4. Touchin, Lovin
5. Disrespectful Feat. Mila J
6. Dead Wrong Feat. Ty Dolla $Ign
7. All We Do
8. Foregin Remix Feat. Justin Bieber
9. Late Night Feat. Juicy J
10. Smartphones
11. Yes, No, Maybe
12. Y.A.S
13 Change Your Mind

Trigga Deluxe Edition

14. What’s Best For You
15. Love Around The World
16. I Know (Can’t Get Back)
17. Mr. Steal Your Girl