RZA_News_Fox Drama


RZA has been a very busy man. Asides from exchanging verbal jabs with Raekwon, promoting his new movie, and Wu-Tang’s new album, RZA found some spare time to do some collaborating with rock band Faulkner for ESPN’s NFL “Draft Academy.”

The theme song, entitled “NY Anthem” debuted this past Tuesday, and includes the mega rap producer spewing some gritty bars in honor of his home state. The homage record is featured on Faulkner’s new EP Americaneur and was recorded at Rick Rubin’s Shangri LA Studio in Malibu last January.

"I like these guys a lot... it turned out to be a great energy," RZA told Billboard in February, explaining the essence of the record. "It's never hard to find something new to say about New York."

Initially, Faulkner’s singer Lucas Asher wasn’t sure that the front man of the Wu would be responsive in an email suggesting that they should collaborate. That wasn’t the case, as RZA was overly impressed by the singer’s willingness to reach out.

"They gave me a demo of the song, and it sounded very interesting. So I said, 'OK, let me come on in and see what kind of energy we have.' And it turned out to be a great energy," he said.

ESPN’s “Draft Academy” will air in four one-hour episodes on ESPN Tuesdays at 10 P.M. —Carl Lamarre