2014 comes with a lot of long-awaited projects and artists finally fulfilling promises—Nipsey Hu$$le, ScHoolboy Q, 50 Cent and YG are a few whose albums are finally slated for this year—as well as a number of heavyweights—Rick Ross, Juicy J, Raekwon and T.I.—getting back on their grind. But what, exactly, can we expect from these LPs? That's the question on everybody's minds. And while some details have trickled out for each project, we don't even have a single tracklist to pore over and dream about.

But just because we have to wait for the actual music doesn't mean we can't go right to the source to find out as much information as we can about some of the hottest projects slated for the year. With respect to a couple major records that seem to be on the shelf—Wu-Tang's A Better Tomorrow, an OutKast reunion album, Detox—we dove into a couple of the albums that we're buzzing about the most over at XXL headquarters, asking some of the principal players involved for their take on what's to come.

We've seen the lists. We've felt the buzz. But we wanted to hear from the artists, managers and producers themselves. XXL presents an in-depth look at our 25 most anticipated albums for 2014. Can't stop, won't stop. Dan Rys, Eric Diep, Emmanuel C.M., Miranda Johnson and Sowmya Krishnamurthy