You might not realize it but Kurupt might be the MVP of some of your favorite rap songs ever. During his 21-year-career, Young Gotti knocked down New York skyscrapers with Snoop, was the Death Row inmate stranded in cell block one and was the man that let you know Dr. Dre and Snoop were back on the "The Next Episode." Kurupt’s elastic flow and car-bombing lyricism make any verse of his a must-hear for hip-hop fans.

Since making his debut to mass audiences on Dr. Dre’s legendary The Chronic, Kurupt has been one of the illest West Coast rappers to ever do it. Young Gotti was the rare rapper to combine the pyrotechnical flow of a New York lyrical assassin and the West Coast swagger of the quintessential Cali MC. As one half of Tha Dogg Pound with his partner Daz Dillinger and Death Row alumni, Kurupt’s enjoyed a fruitful career as both a solo artist and a member of the DPG. His accomplishments make him one of the most underrated rappers to ever do it.

On Saturday, Snoop Dogg’s debut album, Doggystyle, will enjoy the 20th anniversary of its release in 1993. As one of the rappers that heavily contributed to Snoop’s uber-classic album, XXL asked Kurupt to give the stories behind some of his classic verses from Doggystyle, the Death Row days and his accomplished solo career.

You better duck when he swings his shit. —B.J. Steiner (@DocZeusXXL)

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