Seven years after the success of Best Thang Smokin’, Young Dro is back on top. His sophomore album, High Times, is a celebration of the moment, a joyful toast to the Bankhead MC’s rejuvenation in the game. Out October 15 through Atlantic and Grand Hustle, High Times builds on the excitement created by Day 2, Dro’s recent DJ Drama-hosted mixtape, as well as his contribution to Hustle Gang’s G.D.O.D. (Get Dough Or Die) mixtape. The 14-track LP finds Dro’s colorful personality filtered through the blunt intensity of trap rap, as evidenced by the project's visceral lead single, “F.D.B.” Under the song’s polished and pristine finish, there’s a sticky truth, a previously unsung realness blurred by black comedy and raucous punchlines. To learn more, we asked Dro to open up about five of his favorite High Times tracks, and he blessed us with a taste of the sticky icky.Peter Marrack