Last week brought us the seemingly left-fielded collaboration spawned by renowned producer and DJ Statik Selektah and Brooklyn-born, Jersey-bred lyricist Ransom, The Proposal. "We met recently on my Shade 45 radio show," Statik says. "We both had similar views on how corny this "game" can be and decided to get in the studio. We made "Unexplainable" and the rest happened fast." The album offers a comprehensive sound that gives implication it's a partnership years in the making to those none the wiser.

However, you'll be surprised to learn that the album was a product of a simple process: Statik directly messaged Ransom on Twitter about collaborating, the two discussed a theme, and after a mere month of production and recording, as Ransom would recall later, the album and it's ten-track entirety was completed and released to the public. Pretty impressive work, considering the project is the first the two have collaborated on together, huh?

We're not the only ones who think so, with many considering the project to be bonafide homage to the gritty, authentic '90s New York boom-bap type of sound hip-hop was founded and raised upon. "Thats my sound in general, but more updated and bigger sounding," Statik explains of his style. "All my projects have that feel."

The public reaction is no surprise to Ransom. Citing Kool G Rap, Jay Z, Nas and DMX as stylistic inspirations, Ransom believes himself to be the last of a dying breed in hip-hop. "I'm the last one you're really gonna get that sound from. That believable [hip-hop] sound.” He further explains: "It took weeks, but four individual days in the studio to make [The Proposal]." If this is the type of material these two can produce in four days, we're scared to see what the two are cooking up next. Which may be hitting the Internet sooner than you think, as Ransom tells us that a Part 2 to The Proposal is already in the works.

But for now, let's get into the first installment. The former A-Team member discussed their collaborative album with XXL, in a track-by-track break down.Christina Kelly