"Busy" is an understatement when it comes to Alchemist and Oh No, the two producers behind Gangrene. The duo is fresh off the year-plus-long grind of helping to create the first-ever score for GTA V, and both have some big projects in the works on their own. But they also revealed in a recent interview with XXL that they'll be collaborating on another project, their third full-length as Gangrene and the followup to 2012's Vodka & Ayahuasca.

"We have a record on one of the [GTA V radio stations]," Alchemist said. "We have a new Gangrene song that's on there from the upcoming Gangrene album, which is coming soon. We dropped a joint called 'Bassheads.'"

The track can be found on the game's main radio station, Radio Los Santos, which is hosted by the voice of L.A. radio DJ Big Boy. "I don't know if we can give up too much; it's definitely getting cooked as we speak," added Alchemist. "We were creeping off, working on things while we were doing things for [GTA V], but since the 17th [the day the game dropped], it's been full speed as far as getting stuff done. So we're back at it, [but] don't wanna give up too much."

Oh No also produced three tracks on Danny Brown's Old, and is working on Talib Kweli's upcoming album Gravitas. Alc, for his part, his upcoming collaborative projects with Boldy James and Evidence due out in the next few months. "We got a couple more projects coming out the top of the year," Alc said. "Hey man, we gotta keep the discography nice and chunky."

The duo also spoke about doing additional voiceover work for the game, a la Danny Brown's turn as a lifeguard by the beach, a screen grab of which can be found below. Alc, for his part, said he hasn't been able to find the characters he and Oh No voiced in the game as of yet.

Danny Brown's GTA V character, left