XXL caught up with Scarface yesterday while he was driving to coach his youth football team in Texas, and he spilled some details on what he's been working on lately, specifically mentioning that he did a record with DJ Khaled for the Cash Money man's upcoming Suffering From Success album with Akon and a few others. He also detailed plans for his own solo album, which would be his first since 2008's Emeritus and first since announcing that he'd be coming out of retirement in 2010.

"I'm gonna take my time," he said of the new album, which doesn't have a release schedule yet. "If it comes out in ten years, it comes out in ten years. I'm not in any rush."

Face also commented on Killer Mike's recent assertion that Scarface was the best rapper of all time, which Mike mentioned in an interview with HipHopDX this week. "Do you believe him?" Scarface said, laughing. "I love Killer Mike, he's one of my favorites. [All time favorites], Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, I loved LL Cool J. So many legends, man. There's too many to name.

"I'm what you'd call a hybrid MC," he continued. "I'm part of all of those guys."

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