Big Sean has come a long way since appearing on the 2010 XXL Freshmen cover. Building on the buzz of his two underground mixtapes—Finally Famous: The Mixtape and Finally Famous Vol. 2:UKNOWBIGSEAN—Sean grew into an established artist right before our very eyes. There were his certified hits, co-signs from Kanye West and later Eminem, and endorsement deals with big name brands. It’s all a sign of Sean’s hardwork who went from saying he’d be finally famous one day to actually becoming famous.

Sean, alongside Em and Danny Brown, isn’t ashamed to represent his hometown. Throughout his earlier mixtapes, he’s recognized for shouting out the D, as well as rapping about the money, cars and clothes with a unique fervor. An up-and-coming Sean sounded just as humble as he does today—only difference being his artistic progression continues to reach new levels. Specifically, he’s the sole reason why you are engaged in his delivery, scream his ad-libs (“Oh gawd,” “swerve”) and get hyped when his rump-shaking anthems turn up the clubs.

In the days before Sean’s sophomore effort, Hall Of Fame, releases on August 27, we broke down the top mixtape songs from his career. We’ve included favorites such as “All Night” and “Million Dollars,” but delve into some sleeper cuts that might have fell under your radar. And we didn't forget Detroit because that ish still bumps. Consider this a small teaser of his essentials.

"Big shit popping bitch and Big my first name."—Eric Diep (@E_Diep) & Dan Jackson

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