Rappers like to think of themselves as cool. Hell, they probably actually are. However, that does not mean they always were cool. Unless you were born with the genetic gifts of a child star on a network television show, most of humanity will go through that unfortunate phase when we become living machines built to produce nothing but pure, unleaded awkward. In an increasingly digital age, our embarrassing moments are more likely than ever to be captured on camera. If there is one universal truth is that if you do something embarrassing on camera, our Internet Overlords will find it and put it on the web to our great shame. Rappers are no exception. Earlier this week, a three-year-old video of  a pre-fame Action Bronson in a tampon commercial hit the internet.

Here at XXL, we want you to know that Bronson is not the only rapper that has been caught in a moment that they would like to forget. Thus, we have a compiled a list of rappers before they were famous being caught on video at their most embarrassing moments. Enjoy but nod knowingly at the awkwardness and sympathize. Things get better, guys.