One half of the legendary duo Mobb Depp, Prodigy sat with DJ Whoo Kidd giving an update on what's happening in the world of the H.N.I.C spitter. Covering everything from his books, movies, and upcoming projects it's certain the rapper has been quite busy these days.

Now releasing his second book, Prodigy reflects on his first venture into the "literary world" saying, "the first one was real controversial. I Had to get out my car with the bullet proof umbrella". Later revealing "I had to hit 50. You know when we signed to G-Unit, 50 made us sign the paper that says you can't talk about nothing about me. He makes everybody sign that. When I wrote the book I had to tell 50 like "yo is it okay to put the G-Unit chapter in there". He was like "Yea no problem go head". A lot of people think I was trying to pull a publicity stunt just to sell books. That wasn't even the case. I just felt like a lot of things just needed to be known".

During the chat the Queens native also spoke about past movies he's filmed and one's that are still on the way. "I felt like the projects deserved that", he said referring Murder Muzik, his movie in which Nas appeared.

As for what's happening now, Prodigy maintains hard at work. Aside from the release of his second book, fans can expect a documentary along with another Mobb Depp Album. "We've been working on it. We got like nine songs right now", Prodigy said about the project. "Like fire too, Hav did all the production. We were talking about for while now that that the next album should be titled "Mobb Depp". Self titled cause we never had a self titled album.