Gun violence is an epidemic in our communities. Too many people are dying because of gun violence and America is at a crossroads with how things should be handled. With all the recent shootings and gun-related incidents, gun violence is one of the top topics of our country. How do we stop these heinous and horrible crimes before it happens again?

Wyclef Jean, hip-hop artist and international activist, is taking a stand in his April Showers mixtape against some of the lingering problems that stain our communities, destroying our families and corrupting our lives. In the video for “April Showers,” which has yet to be released, Clef combats gun violence, illustrating the message to “burying” your guns and bring forth new beginnings. He calls on a bunch of New York hip-hop artists and friends to help spread this important message.

XXL was there behind the scenes to speak with Wyclef Jean and the artists supporting the message about their thoughts on gun violence and whose responsibility it is to take this challenge head on.—Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)