Tony Starks, Ghostface Killah’s alter-ego, makes its official return in Twelve Reasons to Die. Composed entirely by Black Dynamite producer Adrian Younge, the album is an intricate storyline set in 1960s Italy, in which Starks fights against a crime organization, falls in love with the kingpin’s daughter, and seeks revenge when he is murdered. While Ghost is well known for concept-driven projects, Twelve Reasons marks the first time a cohesive script is followed for a cinematic experience.

And fans are thrilled. The latest release, “Rise of the Black Suits" produced by Apollo Brown, is truly a telling effort that’s a great addition to Ghostface’s repertoire.

Before Twelve Reasons to Die releases on April 16, XXL spoke with the makers behind the project. Ghostface, Younge, RZA, and General Manager for Soul Temple Records Bob Perry articulated on the album’s creation process. Find out about Younge’s inspiration from vintage European soundtracks, Ghostface stepping out of his creative box, and RZA’s favorite cut from the album. —Eric Diep (@E_Diep), with additional reporting by Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)