While Charlie Baltimore had a romantic relationship with the Notorious B.I.G. at some point, the femcee says she hasn't watched Notorious, the 2009 film about the late, great rapper.

“I didn’t want to watch it and I didn’t feel like — nothing negative against anybody who was involved with the movie as far as the production of it — I just feel a certain way about who and what people should [be involved in] a B.I.G. movie," Charlie said during a recent visit to Power 105.1's Cherry Martinez show. "I know people who were in his day-to-day, everyday life.”

When asked who could’ve shot an accurate portrayal of Biggie, Charlie replied, “The only people to me who could have shot an accurate descriptive portrayal of real life were Damion Butler, who is D-Roc, [Lil’] Cease and maybe Money L. And a guy named Seeth, who used to be around. But out of those four, definitely D-Roc, definitely Cease.”

Although stern in her feelings about the flick, Charlie did clarify she didn't want to offend anyone, especially Biggie's mother Voletta Wallace, with her comments about who should've played B.I.G.

“I don’t think anybody else could do an accurate portrayal of Big," she explained. "The only reason I say that, and no disrespect to his mom, but she just wasn’t around everyday. The way you present yourself to your parents when you see them on holidays or whatever, that’s not really how you are everyday. These were people that were around him good times, bad times, whatever times.”

The former red-headed rapper is currently working on an album, slated to drop this year. —Christian Mordi