When SMACK DVD debuted in 2003 at the height of hip-hop’s street magazine craze, the name SMACK (Streets Music Art Culture and Knowledge) rang in hoods across the country and worldwide.

With a permanent ear to the streets, SMACK co-founders Tony “Smack” Mitchell and Eric Beasley documented hip-hop culture with a rawness that captivated fans from the bricks to the ‘burbs. Preceding the explosion of YouTube, Twitter and rap blogs, SMACK was the streets’ go-to source for battles, beef and exclusive interviews throughout the last decade. SMACK’s unprecedented access to the game’s hottest artists and edgy shooting style provided countless unforgettable moments and gave fans a glimpse into the lives of their favorite rappers long before they were only a tweet away.

In celebration of a unique era in hip-hop journalism, XXLMag.com got Smack and E to reflect on their 10 Greatest Moments in the DVD series’ history. From an impromptu push-up contest on DMX’s block to a freestyle rap battle-turned-melee, SMACK’s trademark shaky camera was there to catch it all. No host, no fancy editing and no rules.

Well, as Smack and E will tell you, there was one rule: “Always keep the cameras rollin’!” --Calvin Stovall