Nelly is back and dropping new music, and thank God for that. But releasing new videos with Nicki Minaj and Pharrell isn't all the St. Louis rapper is up to—he's also starring in the newest Honey Nut Cheerios commercial, because why not? In the spot, the "Country Grammar" rapper is just trying to get some breakfast when he's confronted by the cereal's trademark bee, who is seriously lacking in swag. After tossing the bee's "honey wand," Nelly appears to rough up the little bee in a yellow cloud of some type of Cheerio magic, after which the bee emerges with a different outfit. Nelly then auto-tunes the bee's voice with some type of flippant hand motion and, in all his infinite wisdom, proclaims, "Bee got swag." End scene.

Check out the commercial—it's actually pretty awesome—above.