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“I feel like I’m up there with Lil' Wayne and Juelz Santana, but I get overlooked. They starting to get it, though. There’s gonna be a whole lot of problems.” –Young Chris [of State Property fame], XXLMag.com

Man, I remember when Young Chris was relevant.

Today’s installment of “Negroes Say The Darndest Things” isn’t all Christopher’s fault. While I always considered him lower on the SP depth chart than Beanie Sigel, Freeway and Peedi Crakk, the “Home of Philly” representative thinks he’s comparable to bosom buddies Lil’ Wayne and Juelz Santana.

Ironically, my favorite Chris verse comes from Jay-Z’s “Nigga Please.”

Come on. How are you gonna put yourself on Weezy’s level in any regard when you’re Beanie Sigel’s Memphis Bleek?

I alluded to the notion that today’s verbal miscue isn’t entirely Chrissy’s fault. It isn’t. Y’all niggas remember the days of Young Gun relevance when women like his mama age fucked him all kinda ways? He had niggas in his ear throwin all kinds of petrol in his tank. Before the crumble of the Diamond Cutters, Chris truly believed he was the heir apparent.

--At least that’s what Beans told him. Sigel will tell you anything if you’re buying the cheesesteaks.

“Oh, yeah… *chomp chomp* F'real. You definitely fuckin with Jay. *slurp* I’m fuckin with Jay and you fuckin with me, so… Yeah. *chomping and slurping* Yo, I asked for Swiss on my Philly, scrap. What happened?”

[Blogger’s Note: How Beans, the great Illadelphonic curator, overlooked Sandman, I don’t know. YEEEEEEAHHHH! CANNOOOOOONNNN!!!]

Being overlooked entails having available material to ignore.

What the fuck kind of “problems” could Chris be talking about anyway? Release date pushbacks? Label failing to provide gas money for the tour van?

Negro, please.

Whether it’s sales or flow, Chris ain’t dealing with Weezy. A Lil’ Wayne/Juelz Santana version of “Young Gunz” is far superior to Young Chris/Neef Buck.

A! Yeen’t B-in like them… You don't C it like...

Ah, nevermind.

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