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"No one flourished from Roc-A-Fella and I'm sayin' that 'cause I was there personally... We came in there after they was already poppin' and bubblin'... No one flourished but us and Kanye and Jay[-Z]." -Jim Jones, Global Grind's Behind the Grind with Kim Osorio

[Blogger's Note: I don't even know why Global Grind would want to risk getting their logo dirty by setting it so close to Jimmy's person.]

Oh, I knew there was gonna be more Jimmy Being Jimmy where this came from.

"Flourish" is the biggest word I've ever heard Jones use properly. If he can spell the shit, I'll do a cartwheel. Lil' Wayne must have brought his SAT/ACT flash cards over to Santana's house a couple of times.

Aspiring rappers, please find the time to study between pints of lean verses.

Negro Dirt Angel, please.

First off, what's all this "we" shit Jimmy's talking? Cam'ron may have dropped Jim off at the office lobby in that Barbie Range Rover, but it's not like he ever signed "Joseph Jones" on his own Roc-A-Fella contract.

For a newly made man, that sounds like some weed carrier regression shit to me.

In my youth I had fallen under the impression that Jay-Z could have done more to help his boys shine. When sales figures would come in displaying comparatively diminutive stats for Beans, Melbourne Bleek the Outback Runner (put a pin in that--we'll come back to it), Amil and various tag-alongs I'd feel bad. I didn't pout because I thought those albums necessarily deserved to sell what Jigga's would. My ever-glowing compassion just made me sad to see one kid on the playground with McDonald's while the others with mama's burgers.

After closer review it became apprent that there was no greater stage for a rapper than to be a part of the Roc roster at the turn of the millenium. Why should I feel bad for a guy unable to deliver a hit record in such a prime position?

Bleek is still "one hit away." This isn't it. Again, put at pin in that. We'll get back to it.

No star can save his flunkies. Star power doesn't rub off. It's not that shit you got from Itchy, the skripper from Miami. This is not to say Jay was a great record executive by any means. I can't really vouch for many of the decisions he's made aside from the ones pertaining to himself.

I'm just saying maybe niggas didn't do that well because their shit wasn't all that great. Also, in a genre defined by elitism (no matter how false/misplaced) people don't tend to gravitate toward flunkies.

Ever think about that shit, Derrrty?

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We'll be removing the pin from that "Coming of Age" Fructis grenade tomorrow most likely.

My girl like it silky.