Could Nas’ next album be his most introspective to date? It’s quite possible, considering the LP’s cover, which surfaced on the net on Monday (June 4).

Viewers who watched VH1’s Behind The Music documentary will remember Nas vividly recalling the scene about his ex-wife Kelis leaving only her green wedding dress behind in their home after filing for divorce.

“She took her stuff out of the house and left her green wedding dress and that was all she left,” a somber Nas said in the episode.

Well, Nas still has that dress and he’s photographed with it on the cover artwork of his upcoming album, Life Is Good, which is scheduled for a July 17 release.

On the album cover, which hit the net via Nas’ new website,, God’s Son is seen wearing a cream color suit, brown wingtip shoes and carrying a wine glass in his left hand.

He’s looking off to the right and in a serious thinking stance (elbow on his knee and right hand resting on his chin) with Kelis’ green wedding dress draped over his right knee. Nas’ manager, Anthony Saleh, confirmed with that the photograph is both Nas’ official album cover and the dress was indeed Kelis’ wedding dress.

Nas’ current single, “Daughters,” is ultra-personal in its content and judging from the album’s cover, the remainder of Life Is Good may follow that introspection.

Nas is coming off a huge Summer Jam performance on Sunday night, in which he surprised the reported 60,000 fans by bringing out Lauryn Hill as his guest.—Mark Lelinwalla

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