Robin Thicke enlisted Nas for a new single called "Deep." Nas kicks off the track with an acapella verse about police brutality before the beat kicks in. After Thicke sings about some turmoil in a relationship, Nas returns for a closing verse.

"Suspicion got you living in your own prison/You need to leave that alone before you sitting in an old folks home with no visits/So exquisite but mess it up when your tone's risen/And any day when you don't getcha way/Getting mad at everything I say/And you don’t think it’s an emergency/A toupee-wearing liar is tryna run the USA," Nas raps.

Nas' latest guest spot arrives just one day after he performed at Times Square alongside Alicia Keys. The singer held a special concert yesterday (Oct. 9) to promote her upcoming album Here. Keys brought out Nas for a performance of his classic single "One Love."

Although Nas' album might be done, the Queens rapper is not just focused on music. Nasty Nas is expanding his film endeavors with a role in a new movie.

Nas is set to star in a film called Monster, which will be directed by Anthony Mandler. Nas will also contribute to the film's music and serve as an executive producer

Monster tells the story of Steve (played by Kelvin Harrison Jr.), a 17-year-old honors student and aspiring filmmaker in Harlem, who gets charged with felony murder for a crime he says he didn’t commit

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