Earlier this year, Netflix released the trailer for their Baz Lurhmann-created series The Get Down, which will follow a crew of South Bronx teens during the transformative period of New York City in the 1970s. Grandmaster Flash has already been confirmed as an associate producer and advisor, and during a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival, Lurhmann announced that Nas has been a "huge creative force" on the project.

As Entertainment Weekly is reporting, Lurhmann said, “One of the things, which I don’t think anyone knows because it’s not in the trailers, and we’ve been doing this for about a year now is that one of the characters — I won’t spoiler alert it to you — goes on and we discover that he’s actually a successful rap star in the ‘90s. And he narrates it through rhyme, through rap. And this character, as it turns out, is played onstage in kinda sorta Madison Square Garden.”

He then explained Nas' role further, saying, “One of the great collaborations is that I’ve been working really closely in creating these rhymes, and he’s a producer on the film, with one of the most iconic voices of the ‘90s and that’s Nas. And so Nas has been this other huge creative force in the production. And it’s been playing really, really successfully.”

The Get Down will premiere on Netflix on Aug. 12. Read further quotes from the Tribecca panel courtesy of EW.

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