When I saw last night that Asher Roth pulled a Don Imus, talking about how he was kicking it with nappy headed hoes, all my instincts, they returned. Word to Peter Gabriel. I screencapped that shit and posted it to my site tout de suite.

You can check the archives. Back in like '07, I could work a thousand word post from Don Imus eating a ham sandwich. And I did. And I've been screencapping a lot of shit from Twitter as of late, since I've been using it to bait pr0n stars, and order the showing of teats, and what have you.

A guy like Asher Roth, who's both famous and hated precisely because he's white, repeating one of the most notorious racial gaffes evar seemed almost too obvious. It was one of those posts that pretty much wrote itself, except there wasn't really any writing involved.

It's a good thing I caught it when I did. I screencapped that shit, posted it, then checked Asher's Twitter (no fishsticks) to see if there'd been any further developments, and I noticed it was gone, replaced by a couple of different apologies - one to his manager, who must not have access to Roth's Twitter (I bet a lot of TIs are gonna be hitting artists up demanding passwords behind this), and one to any nappy headed hoes who might have been offended.

Then those apologies ended up disappearing even faster than the offending tweet itself. I guess the TIs figured it'd be best off not having anything even referencing the nappy headed hoes tweet. They'd rather just treat it as if it didn't happen. It was late on a Thursday night anyway. There probably weren't a whole lot of people who even saw - just the kind of sorry mofos who'd be checking Twitter on a Thursday night, i.e. a buncha fucking bloggers. Indeed, the only screencaps I've even seen of it are by myself and my female doppelganger, Angel from Concrete Loop. If I would have known that, maybe I wouldn't have bothered.

The TIs may have lucked out, in that a lot of blogs didn't cover the incident, whether it's because they were ordered not to, or because it's their natural tendency to not do anything that would displease their tall Israeli overlords. (This goes back to what I was saying the other day about how a Jadakiss album gets an XL rating.) I checked a few of the more prominent hip-hop blogs, just to see if they'd beaten me to the scoop. You guys know I generally only do this shit for a few hours in the afternoon. Some of these dudes seem to be updating at all hours of the day and night. It's a good thing they aren't posting anything that could be disagreed with. Otherwise, they'd be accused of spending their every waking hour behind the computer.

But I digress. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, some of these other sites. I checked Nah Right, and I didn't see anything. Which should have been a dead giveaway. Then I checked the site I'm no longer allowed to mention, and I didn't see anything other than a post about how Eminem said (in XXL, natch) that Asher Roth is a genius. I wonder if that was tied to this incident, or if it was a mere matter of coincidence. Is the new issue of XXL even out yet. or is management feeding him exclusives? That would seem counterintuitive, businesswise, but what do I know? I'm just a guy with a business degree.

Back on Twitter, I noticed a couple of things that were just as sad and inexplicable. First of all, Teh Gyant, formerly of SOHH, claimed to have received a phone call from someone saying Asher's Twitter account had been hacked, and to avoid the last few tweets. (My bad about some of this terminology). Which probably wasn't even a lie. Er, the fact that he got a phone call, I mean. I'm just wondering who it was that called him and told him that. Was it one of the TIs? Was it Asher himself? Obviously it was a lie. Maybe it was a committed fan doing pro bono PR work. Like nation, one of the kids who do a lot of the posts on Nah Right these days. I hope he was well compensated for his efforts.

Keep in mind, I could give a rat's ass whether or not Asher Roth called black women nappy headed hoes. I didn't even give a shit when Don Imus said it. I'm only in this for the potential lulz. If Asher Roth can't make an album that's worth a shit, maybe we can get at least get a good media scandal out of it. I want to see angry black women throwing a fit, and cracka-ass crackas copping a plea. Fuck this cover up shit.