If there is anything to know about Tanya Morgan it should be that we are a group of solo artists. We didn't expect to find recognition via an oddly named group with a woman on the album cover. Nah, we did that as an inside joke thinking that someday a Donwill fan would pick it up via hearsay and be blown away by the fact that there was this entire album recorded with Von Pea and Ilyas. Guess we ended up getting the order backwards; but who says you get to decide how the hands of fate choose to handle your life?

So here I sit being the first out the crew with an official retail release. We have all had solo albums drop since our introduction. Hell, I've had three of them myself, it's just that none of them were ever released on this scale.

The biggest challenge in making this album, Tanya Morgan Presents: Don Cusack in High Fidelity, was handling everything single handedly from start to finish. From coordinating the cameos to sequencing the tracks, it was definitely one of the biggest undertakings of my career and to this day, stands as one of the most exhilarating things that I've ever done. Typically, Von Pea handles all of the musical grunt work leaving me to simply be able to enjoy the final product but on this go-round, it was all me.

This album is an adaptation of the movie, High Fidelity. Inspired by it is almost an understatement since I went about writing songs and picking cameo's the same way a director would cast a film. It's so much so an adaptation that the bonus tracks are actually the soundtrack to the movie.

As far as guests I got Tanya Morgan (of course), Opio (Souls Of Mischief), Mykestro, Bad Lucc and a few other folks. The production is also handled by a handful of cats including A-Plus (Souls Of Mischief) & The Twilite Tone (Common). The album has a real soulful vibe to it due largely in part to the vocals of Peter Hadar, Ragen Fykes & Nicky Guiland. Point blank, there is A LOT of singing on this joint.

Love in hip-hop is a pretty taboo topic in hip-hop for the simple fact that almost everyone's image is built on bravado and hyper masculinity. With that said the album deals directly with love. More than anything just examining love and looking at the human need for it. Deep stuff huh? Well I mean I could only rap about "gettin' some pussy" for so many songs before I got bored with it. But at the end of the day what I'd like listeners to walk away with is self-examination. It's the ultimate break up album and if there is one thing that break ups make you do it's to take a long look at that guy in the mirror.