Following heavy promotion, Murs' "most personal album ever" is finally here. As promised, the California rapper dropped A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable on Friday (March 16), his 40th birthday.

Produced entirely by Michael "Seven" Summers, the 14-track project takes listeners through the struggles Murs has been through recently. On "Melancholy," Murs tackles depression, rapping, "Have you ever had the feeling like you don't wanna die/But like, wait, still not wanna be here/That fog roll in and them days get dark/And it start getting hard for you to see clear."

But the rapper isn't alone on the album. A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable features guest appearances from Tech N9ne, Fashawn & Prof, XV, Propaganda, John Givez and Robots & Balloons.

Murs previously teamed up with his Strange Music brother Tech N9ne to drop a video for "Same Way." The video finds the Midwest spitter saving Murs from an awkward dinner date before he loses his mind.

Check out the album and tracklist below.

Murs' A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable Album Tracklist

1. "The Unimaginable" featuring Robots & Balloons
2. "Melancholy"
3. "Midtown" featuring John Givez
4. "Same Way" featuring Tech N9ne
5. "Powerful" featuring Propaganda
6. "G Lollipops" featuring Fashawn & Prof
7. "Superhero Pool Party"
8. "Whiskey & Patron" featuring XV
9. "A Lean Story"
10. "Lo-Fi Nights"
11. "So Close So Far"
12. "Celebrate"
13. "Vows"
14. "God Is the Greatest"

Strange Music
Strange Music

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