Some of you may remember Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire. His 2011 hit "Huzzah" spawned an all-star remix featuring Danny Brown and El-P and a record deal with Universal. Since then...not much. Despite being dropped by Universal, the foul-mouthed New Yorker has released a few mixtapes since the apex of his Internet buzz, the most recent of which was released yesterday. eXquire sat down with the Kinda Neat podcast to talk about his misadventures in the rap game, and afterward premiered a new song entitled "Green Ranger" by performing it live in the studio.

"Green Ranger" is near peak eXquire, who takes a break from rapping to sip wine (non-alcoholic grape juice?) from a plastic cup mid-verse. eXquire compares himself to the green power ranger (hence "Green Ranger") and Michael's Jordan, Jackson, and Corleone. It's clear that time out of the spotlight hasn't dulled eXquire's rapping abilities or zest for the art form. Stream or download his mixtape below.

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