Playing sounds in Propellerheads Reason via Nintendo's Wii remote

Seems some students have made progress with a thesis they are working on where they are trying to make music with the Wii remote while at the same time being able to visually represent that music in 3-D. So they've got the Wii transmitting to a Mac via bluetooth, transmitting MIDI note commands with the Wii's buttons, in turn triggering sounds in Reason. Then that information is being relayed to a PC via UDP and that information is being displayed on a screen.

In all honesty, even though I've seen the videos and have a basic understanding of how this is working, I don't have enough experience with Wii and enough knowledge about how the Wii actually works from a technological standpoint to really get it completely. I just haven't gotten into the Wii yet, I'm still trying to beat Mario World on my Super Famicom

In any case, I can see this being the starting point for some development for beat-oriented video games for the Wii. Obviously beat making games themselves....that's nothing new. We just got Traxxpad on the PSP, Guitar Hero been out, and MTV Music Generator inspired quite a few people to get into beatmaking way back. I'm sure i'm leaving a few out.

Just saying though, that video of playing drums with the Wii looks crazy. Not saying it's going to replace a v-drum set-up, but shit, who knows?

More videos here and check out the students' site here- Paul Cantor

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