The Detroit rap scene has had quality artists in it for decades, and Molly Brazy is one of the names in the city's current era. Now her new track, "They On Molly," off her well-received 2017 mixtape Big Brazy, just got a brand new video, showing Miami in all of its glory.

The Yung MIk3-directed vdeo starts with aerial shots of South Beach, then cuts to Molly walking around the area. With speedboats, clear water and perfect weather as the backdrop, Miss Brazy starts rapping. Around the middle of the video, she sneaks off to a warehouse, driven there in a Benz. She hops out and gets back to doing what she does, and eventually blows out candles on a cake.

The hook is catchy, and showcases a solid example of a double entendre. "Pretty ass bitch, but I can catch a body/Pass me the Draco, fuck that talking 'bout it," she raps. "Hating ass bitches, got a fucking problem/Everybody sweating me, they on Molly."

On the first verse, Molly is her typical self: sharp lyrics peppered with threats. "I beat that pack up like I'm boxing/Bitches run they mouth but they ain't down to catch a body," she bristles. "Disrespect, I let that Draco chop you up/Now that's hibachi."

Over the last few months, Molly has dropped a ton of videos. In February, she unleashed her "Naan (Remix)" visual with Trina, then did the same for the "Ion Like You" remix with AD later that month. She closed out February with a video for "Last Minute" and entered March with footage for the bouncy "Draco."

Check out Molly Brazy's moment in the sun in the "They On Molly" video below.

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