For fans salivating for Michael Jackson’s first posthumous album, Xscape, there’ll be in for a baffling surprise. According to The Guardian, Xscape will feature a song dubbed, “Do You Know Where Your Children Are?”.

With Timbaland at the helm production, fans were ecstatic about the creative direction of the project. However, with this new information surfacing pertaining to the rumored song, clouds of gloom may soon rain on Jackson’s parade.

The Mirror, a tabloid magazine, further added to the rumor of the song’s existence saying, “A previously unheard track on a new Michael Jackson album is about child sex abuse.” There was previously even an old song that surfaced years ago with the same title, proclaiming this daunting lyric “She wrote that she is tired of stepdaddy using her/Saying that he’ll buy things, while sexually abusing her.”

While Jackson’s acclaim stemmed from his music, he also encountered his fair share of scrutiny outside of performing. In 2005, Jackson was cleared of sexually abusing a young man. Choreographer, Wade Robson who testified at that trial, then later unveiled a stunning claim that he was molested by the King of Pop. The hearing is scheduled for this coming June.

Jackson’s album Xscape is set to be released May 13th.-Carl Lamarre