Method Man will be starring in the upcoming animated FXX show Chozen, set to debut this January, but that's not the only acting he's been getting into recently. In a recent phone call with XXL, Meth confirmed that he just wrapped up another episode of The Good Wife—he first appeared in an episode of that show in 2011—and explained how he got involved with Chozen.

"They called me and asked me to do the show," he said. "I asked them what the premise was, and I said yeah... David Gordon Green, that's my guy right there; he put me in The Sitter, so I felt like I owed him one, so I went and did it."

The Sitter—Meth's 2011 movie co-starring Jonah Hill—is part of his excellent filmography, which also includes 2001's How High with Redman and the 2004 movie Soul Plane, which also stars Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg. But he's also got more film work ahead—he just finished shooting a new movie called Staten Island Summer with the people from Saturday Night Live and will begin filming a new Adam Sandler movie called The Cobbler this month, with the shoot running through December.

Meth—a noted comic book connoisseur—also came through New York City at Comic Con recently to help promote Chozen, but he said his experience was lackluster, as he didn't get to see much due to his packed schedule.

"It was great to be there promoting the show, getting to see the pilot episodes and all that, but I've done millions of interviews and shit before, and I didn't get to see anything at Comic Con," he said. "I missed all the artists, I missed everything. I would have definitely complimented Dan Slott on a great storyline with the whole Superior Spider-Man. I wanted to run into Humberto Ramos and let him know he's one of the best fuckin' artists that comic books can have, because you can tell he has such a big graffiti influence to his characters. I would have definitely hollered at Chris Bachalo for making the Wu-Massacre cover and let him know that he's one of my favorite X-Men artists."

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