Since being released from prison on April 24, Meek Mill has been vocal about his legal situation and fighting for criminal justice reform. But on Tuesday night (May 8), while appearing at the Innocence Project gala in New York, Meek also had a message for Kanye West.

Speaking with CNN before he took the stage at the gala to deliver a speech, the Philadelphia rapper revealed he had personally spoken to Yeezy and told the artist to think before he speaks. "I talked to him myself," Meek said. "Just before you speak, think 10 times before you speak... make sure you're educated about the things you're speaking on and really addressing things in the proper way."

But even after all of 'Ye's controversial comments, Meek still believes The Life of Pablo rapper means well. "I think he mean well but things just might be getting out of control," he said. "Sometimes I talk too fast myself, so who am I to judge? But you know, do what you need to do that makes you happy. We all got our own battles."

Following his comments about Kanye, Meek delivered his emotional speech at the gala and said he wanted to continue to fight for those behind bars. "I told myself, I told God the moment that I got out of my situation and got back, feet on the ground, I would participate in being a voice for the voiceless."

The rapper also spoke about new music, saying he hasn't recorded anything yet because he is focused on activism. "I didn't make any music yet since I came home... today marks two weeks, I dedicated my two weeks to speaking out for people, for the voiceless," Meek said.

Check out the rapper's comments about Kanye below.

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