After taking the stand earlier this week to testify against the City of Philadelphia and their police department in a civil rights lawsuit stemming from a 2012 incident, MMG rapper Meek Mill has lost the case after a jury voted against his favor. Meek was looking for justice after being taken into custody by Philly cops and placed in a jail cell for nine hours while the police searched his car for drugs.

No drugs were found but Meek Mill missed an appearance in Atlanta and claimed that the negative attention hurt his deal with the apparel company Puma, who act as a sponsor for the successful rapper. The Philly native was seeking $400,000 in lost income and additional money for emotional stress due to false imprisonment and a violation of civil rights.

"Although we voted unanimously that Mr. Williams' Fourth Amendment rights were not violated we feel strongly both the plaintiff and defendant were in the wrong and made mistakes," said a note to the judge from the mostly-white jury. Outside of the courtroom, jurors declined to comment on what they meant by that statement.

"I quit," said Meek as he left the courtroom. "I quit everything...except for music."

"[The jurors] ain't where I'm from," Meek told reporters in the elevator. "I don't really expect them to understand."

Hold your head, Meek.


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