After inspiring a few thinkpieces with "i," Kendrick Lamar finds himself mixed up in some satire in the video for Mayer Hawthorne's "Crime" video. The visual is directed by Rashida Jones from Parks & Recreation and that one Chappelle's Show skit.

The joke here is those over-hyped exclusive parties that usually turn out to be disappointments. Hawthorne tries to get into one only to find out where the real party is.

"I liked the idea of the video starting as a sexy getting-ready video and devolving into a messy, very unsexy, unexpected trek," Jones said of the video. "And the final realization is that YOU are the real party! I’m just starting to realize that about myself (which is why I stay home most nights). I am a HUGE fan of Mayer, Kendrick and of the song “Crime” and it was an honor to work with Mayer."

Lamar turns in a pretty decent verse. Never believe the party hype, but you gotta believe in Kendrick, man. He only makes a seconds-long appearance in this video.