Maybe you want to know a little bit of my background before I proceed with this drop? I dropped out of architectural school in my first upperclassmen year. It wasn't just the difficulty of the classwork in as much as it was about the prospects for enrichening employment after I had graduated in another several years of study. Plus, I didn't like practicing architecture as much as I enjoyed writing about it (and other things). My parents were disappointed that I wasn't going to finish my degree in an engineering field. They considered writers to be 'dime-a-dozen' and even more underpaid than Black architects.

My dad was right as usual and writers are a 'dime-a-dozen', but I haven't left the architecture engineering trade altogether. I spend my days working with architects and construction managers as we construct buildings all around New York City. I have an old Jew to thank for my career that pays me, as well as the one that gives me my passion. The old Jew was a scholar and a humanitarian. He taught me how to create master plans and the process for reproducing them into blueprints.

You all understand that a blueprint is a copy right? The master plan is to valuable to be placed into the wrong hands that might not be able to protect it so instead a reproduction is made and the draftsman, be it the engineer or the architect presides over the blueprint to explain the information contained therein. There are details contained on the master plan that don't necessarily always transfer to the blueprint so if the architect that drafted the plans isn't available some of the crucial construction information will be lost.

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So when I hear that your favorite rapper is working on his third blueprint I think to myself that maybe his master plan is what needs the retrofit. Jay-Z has been the most successful rapper of all time (even more than Eminem) just from the sheer volume of press that all his his non-rapping endeavors generate. Jay-Z spent more time on vacation since 9-11 than President Bush spent on that ranch in Texas. The master plan can't be about not working though. This is another lesson from the old Jew who was a rabbi, a teacher. The old Jew was all about teaching people how to become fishermen as opposed to giving people free fish.

What have you learned from Jay-Z? What has Jay-Z rhymed about that has motivated you to investigate after the song was over? The master plan contains keys to sections, details and elevations. Without all of this comprehensive information how will you complete your construction? I'm not saying that Jay-Z can't become a rabbi himself like the old Jew was to me but I don't see it at this point. You see, when the old Jew was young he was still a rabbi. This is the type of man he was. You don't become a leader and teacher of men overnight. Leaders and teachers wish for their followers and students to succeed them, not to be held back with jealousy and contempt.

This drop isn't to disparage Jay-Z in as much as I would like for those that hold him above themselves to wonder why they too aren't leading and teaching the youth that are coming up in the game? As opposed to holding people back from reaching their potential like their favorite rapper does.

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