On Tuesday (Nov.  12) Trinidad Jame$ performed at Converse Rubber Tracks and went on rant claiming New York’s rap scene has fallen off and Atlanta runs New York musically. This sparked waves of responses from New Yorkers and artists, such as Smoke DZA and Hopsin, about the state of New York hip-hop. Jame$ has since then clarified some of the points he was making at the show, emphasizing that he was saying New York doesn’t support New York artists and even put out a track discussing his points. XXL spoke to Trinidad earlier this week, which he states he isn't apologizing for his NYC comments.

The most vocal rapper against Trinidad Jame$ is Maino. When the Brooklyn native saw the video, he unleashed a tirade of tweets toward Trinidad, clearly showing his resentment towards the Atlanta native's comments. “You [Trinidad Jame$] was on that stage and you was having a moment." says Maino in a phone conversation with XXL. "Whether you was high or drunk or whatever your moment was, that’s not how that came across. That came across as being aggressive, abrasive and disrespectful. You can't go to no other city and do that.”

Maino makes it clear that Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse and Trinidad Jame$ comments are not the same situation and it frustrates him that New Yorkers can't differentiate that "What hurts me is New Yorkers, they don’t understand” he says. “'Kendrick said something. Kendrick was rapping man, and they’re was a million responses that came right after. That was some rap shit. You don’t see the difference?"

You can read the full interview with Maino and XXL next week on Monday, November 18 at