The origin about who started the Dabbin' Dance has been a topic since last week. For folks who don't know, Dabbin' is the latest dance craze that originated in Atlanta. PeeWee Longway explained the word is know both as a drug and lifestyle. Migos, Jose Guapo, PeeWee Longway and Skippa Da Flippa have all been credited for starting the dance. After our latest feature on the dance, OG Maco and Migos got into an argument on Twitter about the origin of the dance. Both artist are signed to Quality Control Music.

Maco stated that it was Skippa Da Flippa who was the one that made Dabbin' popular—not Migos. Migos saw the tweet and responded by saying that Skippa is in the Migos family, which is true because Skip is apart of YRN. Here's the Twitter exchange:

Migos then responded with some retweets from their followers who screenshotted the Urban Dictionary definition of Dabbin' and then responded directly to Maco:

Maco then said that he indeed started a trend and hip-hop artists have stole his style:

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