Machine Gun Kelly has been quiet this year. Despite being featured in the new film, "Beyond the Lights," the boisterous former XXL Freshman has been relatively mum on the music front. Now, it appears that MGK is ready to return back to his first love and rep Cleveland to the fullest with his new track, "Til I Die." During his interview with MTV, MGK pulled out his phone, played them a snippet of the record, and vowed to make a run at a new album in early 2015.

“C-L-E til I die, h–/ Everywhere I go I’m puttin’ on/ Puttin’ on, puttin’ on,” MGK rapped on his upcoming single.

The record will be making its way onto blogs during the first week of December. As for MGK's sophomore endeavor, he promises that he has something special under his sleeves. “I have [made a lot of progress on the new album],” he added. “I would like to say it’s finished outside of just last minute desires.” He continued by elaborating on finishing up his tour, and finally initiating the long awaited album process.

“The ball is in my court; I struggle from no label problems or anything like that. I got a good grip on the project, I just kind of wanted to draw it out, ’til I gave people something to be excited about, now we’re coming back with that movie, we had a great American leg of the tour, about to do Canada leg, and then we’ll probably start that album process right after that.” Watch the interview above.


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