While surfing this here Internet this morning, I stumbled upon a video (not using Stumbleupon) of Mac Miller after his SOB’s show the other night. Although I wanted to make it out, I wasn’t there. #Fail From what I read and heard, it seemed like he did his thing inside. Outside, though, was a different story.

Mac got confronted by some dudes who, at first, it seemed to be there to interview the kid. They told him the track “La La La” released shortly before his recent mixtape, K.I.D.S., was dope, and wanted to know who produced it. The young spitter from Pittsburgh said he didn’t know. Then, on some David Copperfield/Criss Angel shit, the interviewers revealed that it was they who were behind the boards for the smooth track.

Shit then sorta escalated. Mac seemed a little caught off guard. The production crew seemed a little tight. Understandable on both ends, I think. Pretty soon, there were talks of e-mails gone unanswered, there were cameras getting touched, and some pushing at one point. It seemed like things could have gotten even worse, but no one was there to actually fight. A shake down, at most, was the goal.

These dudes wanted credit for producing the track. They wanted it on YouTube, where there were almost 300,000 views. I don't think that's asking too much. That said, people do joints on mixtapes all the time without giving proper credit to the producers. I think you can kind of get away with that on mixtapes. Doesn’t make it right, but it happens. I’m curious how Mac got his hands on the beat initially, though. Maybe these dudes shouldn’t let their creations float around so liberally. I dunno. I’m just speculating.

At the end of the video, the production team was back in front of their computer and showed what looked to be their e-mail exchange with Mac. Turns out, he did receive and return some e-mails. Then there was some name-calling and friendly suggestions not to return to New York.

Like the homie Rob “The Deputy” Markman was saying when we were talking about this earlier, if Maino tells me to stay out of New York, aight, maybe I’m gonna think about my next move (even though the dude maybe isn’t even really that tough 'cause he clearly can’t do push ups). But who are these cats to tell Mac Miller not to come back to New York? And, even more so, the bigger question I’m wondering is why they’re calling him a "bitch" and "fake." That track is dope. Clearly Mac thought so, clearly his fans thought so. Why not just keep building together? The sounds of the production and his flow/voice/delivery went together harmoniously once, so why not try again.

Mac seemed genuine in saying that he wasn’t tryna slight them, and it turns out he did add a credit to them after the fact. But I guess that wasn’t enough. I’m not sayin’ it shoulda been. I honestly don’t know how I woulda felt in the shoes of the producers. Clearly, they’re tryna get on and build a buzz, too. From the video, it just seems like getting their credit wasn’t the most important—trying to mess with Mac Miller’s name and rep was. —Adam Fleischer

Were these dudes justified in getting as riled up as they did? What do you y’all think?

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