Lupe Fiasco is showing his softer side on a new track. Released on Lupe's official website and featuring a soulful, lovelorn hook courtesy of Eric Turner, "Pick Up the Phone" is a plea to a loved one who's playing games. Not to be confused with Travi$ Scott and Young Thug's dazed trap rap, Lupe's version features no autotune and comes off much more radio friendly.

"Uh, I just need a minute to replenish who I am/And who I am is so dependent on exactly where we stand/I stand in any pose, anything but tippy-toes/But don't want you to feel smaller, always taller/Now I'm a cheerleader, she a baller/The difference in height isn't aight, I left my ego at the alter/Now every ring's a sting and everything I taught ya/Is coming back around to me, just like revolvers/And every single click is just hammering it home/Who knew Russian roulette involved answering the phone?/Until my signal dwindles or my channel is in roam/Or my cellphone dies or it's cancer in my dome/And dear nix the tone, as I pull my fuckin’ pain out/One of your short nodes, might blow my fuckin' brains out/But you ain't even pick up/Talking to myself, exactly what you sick of," raps Lupe over the iSHi beat.

In terms of subject, "Pick Up the Phone" is much tamer than Fiasco's previous releases this year. At the top of the year, Lupe said that he was dropping three albums in 2016 — DROGAS, DROGAS light, or SKULLS — and then bowing out from the music industry once and for all. So far, he's dropped introductions for his DROGAS album with songs like "Conversations 1."

Check out "Pick Up the Phone" above.

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