Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has come to an end, but it's not really over until the reunion special goes down. After host Nina Parker introduces all of the cast members of the past season, the first topic that pops up is the relationship between Fizz and Moniece. The discussion gets heated when it's brought up that he moved in with the mother of his child, which put a monkey wrench in Fizz's dealing with Nikki Baby.

After being asked about the reasoning behind his decision to move in, Fizz explains that it was not due to financial duress, but an attempt to be closer to his son. Fizz and Moniece also say that their relationship is strictly a co-parenting situation and platonic. A secret is revealed when Moniece admits she's bisexual and currently dating a woman, whom she is attempting to procreate with. Nikki also explains the nature of her and Fizz's relationship, but things turn left when she accuses Fizz of mentioning her in interviews for attention. Nikki and Fizz begin to quarrel, with both downplaying the other and throwing accusations of being thirsty for attention.

Moniece's beef with Brandi also gets broached, with the former explaining that she attacked Brandi's character in response to comments she made about Moniece's parenting. Nikki then jumps in and accuses Moniece of playing the victim, which prompts Masika to call out cast members for what she deems as them ganging up on her friend. This riles up Brandi even further and heightens the tension within the room.

As the reunion continues, Moniece's alleged sex tape is brought up. She threatens to leave the set and says that her lawyers will be in contact with all of the parties involved in the case. However, she remains and pleads her case, saying that she attempted to make amends for her actions, but Brandi and Max continue to hold their ground and make no apologies for their actions. Things get testy between Fizz and Max -- they supposedly already buried the hatchet -- but cooler heads prevail and no blows are exchanged between the two.

As tempers simmer, the attention turns to Ray J and Princess' rocky engagement that led to their wedding day. Princess says that her relationship with her father has been improving and that they've been spending more time together since she got married. Sonya, Ray J's mother, appears on the reunion stage to give context as to why she pushed for her son to get a prenup, reasoning which Princess says she now understands.

In reference to being left out of the wedding, Brandi says that her intentions were only pure, but Ray J maintains that the situation has been rectified and all is forgiven. Brandi, Princess and their husbands are on one accord. Nikki, who wasn't invited to the wedding, admits to feeling a little left out. She felt that her and Princess' relationship was better than that, although Princess maintains that her and Nikki haven't spoken in over a year and that their last exchange was a heated one, to say the least.

Safaree, who made his first appearance on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this season, gets his turn in the hot seat, as his relationship with Nikki is put under the microscope. When asked if he's a serial monogamous or a gold digger, Safaree denies both and says that he just knows what he wants in a woman. Walking away from his relationship with Nicki Minaj, who according to him, was worth $50 million, is proof that he's not in it with any woman for the money.

Nikki also adds that her and Rosa Acosta are still seeing each other, and the two even share a kiss live for the world to see. A bomb gets dropped when it's revealed that Rosa Acosta was previously intimate with Kanye West, a claim which she is coy about, but doesn't deny.

The last issue that gets addressed is Brandi and Max's relationship, and the money that she used from their son's trust account to start her own business. While all of the cast members say that they wouldn't have went the route that Brandi did and use their children's savings behind their spouses back for their own personal endeavors, it is understood that Brandi's actions were not malicious.

Masika, who had a baby with Fetty Wap following her last appearance on Love & Hip Hop, returned for the third season and was embroiled in a dispute with the rapper over his presence in their daughter's life. She also says that she and Fetty Wap were dating for months on end before she got pregnant and maintains that she was more than just a jumpoff, as many of her detractors have asserted.

But just when the proceedings are moving along smoothly, Hazel E pops up onstage to confront Masika after the two exchanged words during a previous episode. A possible cat fight between the two looks like it's about to occur, but you'll have to tune into the second portion of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion next week to see how it all goes down.

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