With Kanye West's The Life of Pablo officially in the streets, many are looking at the rapper and his manic rollout for the album and questioning his well-being. Others are perhaps rightfully fed up with West's antics and ego, among them the owner of the domain for Loser.com. Upon visiting the site, users are redirected to Kanye West's Wikipedia page.

Brian Connelly, a 44-year old living in South Carolina, created the website in 1993, to mock bad clients. Earlier this month, the site redirected to Donald Trump's Wikipedia page after the presidential hopeful finished second in the Iowa caucus. In March of 2015, Kanye was first featured on the site after West interrupted Beck as he accepted his Grammy for Album of the Year. The irony there is that Beck first rose to prominence in 1993 off a hip-hop infused rock track called "Loser."

As Connelly told The Daily Beast in 2015, his disdain for West first originated at Bonnaroo the year before. "I went to Bonnaroo last year, and Kanye got up onstage and just started bitching at the audience because I think someone had spray painted ‘Fuck Kanye’ on a porta-potty or something," he said.

"Then he started yelling, ‘Where the press at? Point out the press!’ and started going crazy and yelling at everybody about how they didn’t respect his genius. Then he started naming names of people he should be compared to — George Washington, Henry Ford, etc. My wife was really enjoying it, but I wasn’t. We’re a paying audience showing him respect, and he launches into us with this egocentric fucking bullshit rant, and it was insane."

Connelly has used the redirect in the past to highlight President Barack Obama's website or the internet forum Reddit, and in 2000, he had linked to 'anti-gay' Tennessee gubernatorial hopeful Bill Daley. In the present tense though, Kanye is still very much the subject of Connelly's derision, at least until Donald Trump seizes back the title of national villain.

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