This Friday (Oct. 9), The Game will drop the first half of his highly-anticipated new album, The Documentary 2. The title obviously hearkens back to his January 2005 debut. Before that album ever hit shelves, Game was hailed as the savior of the West coast, one of Southern California's most promising new mainstream entries since Dr. Dre left Death Row. He was talented and had impressive early singles, but the eagerness with which he was embraced betrayed what a vacuum existed in Los Angeles' commercial rap spheres at the time. A decade later, Skeme faces the opposite problem. The man widely accepted to be the author of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" is confronted with a crowded set of talented young MCs from his hometown. Today, he lets go of "Anyways," a single from his forthcoming Ingleworld 3. As he continues the effort to set himself apart, Skeme slides into his role as the gripping intersection between grit and carefully-crafted songwriting.