Raven Felix calls on Wiz Khalifa for her latest single, "All On You," produced by Lil Jon. High-pitched piano notes and the sound of someone smoking start the track off before an energetic beat kicks things up a notch. Wiz takes on the first verse, rapping about a new interest he's plotting on. With bottles and good weed on deck, he creates vibes to get things going, barely taking a breath as he spits.

Felix comes in with the hook, singing, "I can tell you want it/I see the way you looking at me/Feels like it's getting warmer/Turnt up like 100 degrees/I can tell you wait it/So it's all on you." She transitions into the second verse, rapping about a problem many can relate to. Raven has locked eyes with a man in the club and exchanges glances with him as they both wait for the other to make a move. Check out "All On You" above.

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