Since the release of its YRN Tha Album, Migos has dropped another four projects and will close out 2015 with Migo Money. Produced entirely by Deemoney and hosted by DJ Durel, the gang leaked two new tracks from the project, "I Told You" and "Story Of YRN." Never ones to stunt humbly, the trio use "I Told You" to follow up on all the things they said they were going to do in the "Versace" days and have since accomplished. "Story Of YRN" is an autobiographical tale of escaping neighborhood shootouts to becoming one of the top names in the rap world. Check out both and be on the lookout for a release date for Migo Money. In the meantime, catch up on Migo LingoStill on LockBack to the Bando and Streets on Lock 4.