A$AP Rocky has been keeping his fans on edge with the slow rollout of his upcoming album A.L.L.A. (At.Long.Last.A$AP.) Having released loosies in a few and far between fashion, and none of them definitely making the cut, Rocky finally let go of an official track from the project. During yesterday's (May 7) sitdown with Red Bull Music Academy, Rocky gave some clarity on the album (including a release date, June 2) and previewed a new song called "Everyday" featuring Mark Ronson, Miguel and Rod Stewart. Within a couple hours, the CDQ version of the track hit the web and "Everyday" popped up all over social media and the blogosphere.

During interviews leading up to A.L.L.A., Rocky has talked extensively about the influence of classic rock and acid rock on his music and the featured sample of Rod Stewart's "In A Broken Dream" is a direct example. The musical prowess and overall skill of Stewart is a conversation for another time and place, but the sample works well for Rocky. Miguel adds in his own rendition of the Stewart's vocals to give a nice boost to the track. The A$AP frontman is his usual egotistical self with lines like "I look so fuckin' good/most dykes would fuck me" and his perfected stop-and-start flow is prevalent throughout. Check out the first official track from A.L.L.A. above.

Rocky's conversation with Chairman Mao for New York City's Red Bull Music Academy Festival proved to be a revealing look at what Rocky has been up to and his thoughts on topics that ranged from his hometown of Harlem, NY to the events in Ferguson and Baltimore. Here are some of the more interesting tidbits from the lengthy interview:

On New York City's sound: I don't know if there is sound that actually represents or defines New York right, like what sound is that? We don't know. Is it Bobby Shmurda and them? Is it French Montana and them? Is it A$AP and us? Is it Joey Bada$$ and them? Is it Action Bronson? What's the sound? There's not one sound and I think that's the dope thing about it now. If we are going to be honest man, some of the best music, some of the dopest music is coming out Atlanta right? But all them niggas sound the same that's my thing.

Coping with the death of his collaborator and mentor A$AP Yams: When you leave somebody on good terms, you can rest and sleep well. The fact I knew he was proud of me, blood couldn't make us thicker. I knew he was happy for me. I knew he had my back one hundred percent, that's how he died. He had everybody's back that he called brother or family member, he had all of us. That's how I cope with that. I'm going to try to live out his legacy the way he wanted it.

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