Lil Yachty's official debut album Teenage Emotions is here, and with it come the production credits featuring a varied group of beatmakers, from Ear Drummer 30 Roc to Pierre Bourne, D33J to Ricky Racks.

Peep all the producers on the album below and stream the album right here.

Lil Yachty's Teenage Emotions Production Credits

1. "Like a Star" (prod. by D33J)
2. "DN Freestyle" (prod. by Digital Nas)
3. "Peek A Boo" Feat. Migos (prod. by Ricky Racks)
4. "Dirty Mouth" (prod. by 30 Roc and Tillie)
5. "Harley" (prod. by K Swisha)
6. "All Around Me" Feat. YG and Kamaiyah (prod. by Lex Luger)
7. "Say My Name" (prod. by Reefer Alston and BL$$D)
8. "All You Had to Say" (prod. by Earl)
9. "Better" Feat. Stefflon Don (prod. by The Stereotypes)
10. "Forever Young" Feat. Diplo (prod. by Diplo and Dawn Golden)
11. "Lady in Yellow" (prod. by WondaGurl)
12. "Moments in Time" (prod. by Mitus)
13. "Otha Shit (Interlude)" [prod. by Pierre Bourne]
14. "X Men" Feat. Evander Griim (prod. by 30 Roc and Tillie)
15. "Bring It Back" (prod. by Free School)
16. "Running With a Ghost" Feat. Grace (prod. by The Good Perry)
17. "FYI (Know Now)" [prod. by iLoveUPeter]
18. "Priorities" (prod. by K Swisha)
19. "No More" (prod. by Mitus)
20. "Made of Glass" (prod. by Free School and R!O)
21. "Momma (Outro)" Feat. Sonyae Elise [prod. by TrapMoneyBenny]

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