Rico Nasty teams with Lil Yachty for her "Hey Arnold" remix, which honest to God sounds sounds way more cheerful than its namesake ever was. Check out the dope new remix up top.

Like the original, the "Hey Arnold" remix feels like a theme song from a 1990s Nicktoon theme song. Featuring bright whistles and cheerful bells, the track Rico Nasty and Lil Boat find themselves rapping on sounds more like an ice cream truck than a trap beat. It's in this way that both the original and the remix live up to the name of Rico Nasty's August mixtape, Sugar Trap. What makes the mix appealing is the way Rico Nasty and Yachty use Auto-tune and casually -- if not joyously -- discuss vices like sex, guns and drugs over such a bright, exuberant instrumental. It makes for a bizarre combo that you won't hear too often.

For her part, Rico Nasty sounds gleeful as she waxes on about curving "old niggas," before she mentions that her team will "shoot you like a movie" with the 30 clips they apparently have on deck. Yachty ... well, Yachty is Yachty, comparing his junk to honey before bragging about how his new bracelet costs more than your wedding ring. Yachty hasn't been around too long, but his bragging already seems to be more than a little warranted. As playful as the song sounds, it's clear that Rico Nasty and Lil Boat aren't playing any games this year or the next. You can check out Rico Nasty's mixtape, Trap Sugar, here.

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